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Energy products for large business & enterprise

There's a range of products to meet the varying needs of major energy users, including fully customised sales agreements for electricity or gas. Call 13 13 54 and speak to an energy expert today or explore our energy products below.

Electricity plans

Find the right electricity plan for your large business or enterprise. The right plan will depend on your annual electricity expenditure and usage. There's a range to choose from, including fully customisable Electricity Sales Agreements (ESAs).

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Gas plans

Find the right gas plan for your large business or enterprise. There's a range to choose from depending on your annual usage. If your business uses 1 TJ or more (approximately $40K + p.a.) you are eligible for a fully customisable Gas Sales Agreement (GSA).

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Government regulated tariffs

There's also a range of Government regulated electricity and gas tariffs, catering for large, mid-sized and small site needs. The right plan will depend on the site's annual energy usage. 

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Unmetered electricity supplies

If your organisation needs to power streetlights, traffic lights, signs, railway crossing boom gates, bus shelters and telephone boxes you'll need an unmetered supply tariff.

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