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At Synergy we always endeavour to select suppliers who share our values, our commitment to uncompromising quality, and our passion for customer satisfaction.

General Conditions of Contract – Purchase Orders

Please ensure you read and agree to our terms and conditions governing purchase orders.

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General Conditions of Contract – Goods & Services

Please ensure you read and agree to our General Conditions of Contract for Goods & Services (short form).

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General Conditions of Contract – Consultancy

Please ensure you read and agree to our General Conditions of Contract for Consultancy (short form).

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Synergy's Bidder Agreement

Understand the terms and conditions if you’ve been invited to participate in an Ariba sourcing event.

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Synergy's Drawing Standards

Learn more about the technical requirements and practices that must be followed when preparing CAD based drawings for Synergy.  

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Safety & Health Policy

We set ourselves high standards of safety and health to achieve our goal of zero harm.

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Incident Notification Form

Please complete this form and send it back to us to report any on site incidents.

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Supplying to Synergy

Synergy has recently implemented ARIBA, an e-Procurement system which enables suppliers to: 

  • Respond to Synergy quotes and tenders; 
  • Update and maintain company profile details in one central online location; and 
  • Participate in Synergy’s online accreditation process. 

Companies that are interested in becoming a supplier to Synergy can register their interest by emailing

Who we are

Supplier accreditation requirements

Synergy will only engage with suppliers that meet the minimum accreditation requirements. Our accreditation process requires suppliers to be transparent about their business and to engage actively in our policies and processes. 

We build strong relationships with our suppliers and we work with them to ensure that our standards are continually maintained. The accreditation requirements cover the following areas: 

  1. Business and commercial information
  2. Insurance
  3. Safety and Health
  4. Environmental

All supplier accreditation processes occur through Ariba. For any questions, please contact Synergy’s Ariba support team at

Read Ariba supplier registration guide

Bidding through Ariba

Synergy runs the following sourcing events through Ariba:

  1. Request For Information
  2. Quotes and Tenders
  3. eAuctions

If you are invited to participate in a sourcing event, a Synergy procurement representative will be in contact with you and you will be sent an Ariba link or notification for the sourcing event. 

Once you have logged into Ariba you will be guided through the process of submitting a response.

All suppliers must agree to Synergy’s Bidder Agreement in order to participate in an Ariba sourcing event.

Read the bidder agreement

Read Ariba sourcing event guide

Health & safety commitment

Synergy is committed to excellence in safety and health management for our people, our service providers and those within the communities affected by our operations and facilities. The principles that underpin our approach to safety and health are: 

  • Safety and health come first at all times and injuries are preventable
  • Every individual:
    • Is accountable for the safety of themselves and others
    • Is intolerant of unsafe practices and conditions
    • Must identify, assess and manage hazards
  • There is active involvement and open communication on safety and health at all levels
  • We will continually improve the safety and health capabilities of our people

Environmental commitment

Synergy recognises the value of the environment to the community and future generations.

We'll work towards sustainable development by the responsible production, distribution, use of energy and by providing innovative energy choices for our customers and:

  • Instill a sense of environmental responsibility amongst our people, ensuring they have the environmental awareness, skill, motivation, resources and support
  • Protect the natural and cultural environment in all our operations in a socially responsible manner
  • Embrace the principles of waste minimisation and pollution prevention
  • Deliver a suite of energy related options that allow customers to minimise the impact on the environment
  • Make environmental costs transparent to customers in the sales price of energy and related services
  • Systematically manage our activities to achieve and promote continual improvement in our environmental performance, by setting objectives and targets, assessing our achievements and continuously improving our Environmental Management System
  • Meet all legal obligations and industry agreements and require the same standards of compliance from our contractors and suppliers
  • Establish, monitor and review environmental targets and publicly report environmental performance
  • Adopt cost-effective measures to abate greenhouse emissions as part of business decisions
  • Be a leader in the development and application of renewable and alternative energy
  • Communicate with and involve all interested people on environmental issues in an open, transparent and timely manner.
  • Read our environmental policy

    Read our environmental protocol

    In the community