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Helping you at home


Synergy welcomes the Western Australian State Government's announcement of the $400 credit offset for residential customers.

More information is available in the media statement. Terms and conditions including eligibility and the start date for the payment will be available shortly.

Take control of your household energy bill

If your situation has changed due to loss of income, changes to your business or sudden illness, we can help you find the best way to manage your energy account.

Extensions and payment plans

We can help you plan your energy budget by applying for a payment extension or a payment arrangement so you can focus on making small, regular payments.

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Rebates and concessions

If you have an eligible concession card, you may be eligible for the Western Australian Government’s Hardship Utility Grant Scheme, WA Government Energy Assistance Payment or Dependent Child Rebate.

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Reduce your energy consumption

With many people suddenly working from home, your energy use could change in unexpected ways. We can offer you advice, tools and tips to reduce your energy consumption during the day with the Synergy Energy Tool. 

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Financial help and advice

If you’ve had a more serious or long-term loss of income, we can put you in touch with one-on-one financial counsellors and support workers to help talk you through the steps needed to keep on top of your bill.

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