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National Energy Bill Relief Plan

We welcome the Commonwealth and WA State Government announcements of a National and WA State Energy Bill Offset for eligible residential and small business customers.

Funded by both the Commonwealth and WA State Governments, the offset payments will see residential customers receiving a minimum of $400 (paid over two instalments), and small business customers receiving a $650 payment (paid over two instalments).

We're working closely with both the WA State and Commonwealth Governments to support customers and implement these payments to assist the community with relief on their electricity bills and cost of living pressures.

How does it work?

As part of the National Energy Bill Relief Plan, all electricity offset payments to WA residential households and eligible small business customers will be automatically added to your next Synergy bill, and customers will NOT need to apply for these offset payments.

Key dates

First payment added to eligible Synergy accounts – 8 July 2023
Second payment added – 2 December 2023

Learn more about what options are available for you and additional support surrounding the National Energy Bill Relief Plan below.

Bill relief at home

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Bill relief at your business

We’re offering a range of help, including options for some of WA’s small businesses and charities.

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