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Track your usage

We've never relied on energy more. That's why we've created a range of energy management tools to make it easier for you to manage your energy and reduce your bill.

My Account makes managing your Synergy account/s simple

All your billing and payment information is stored in one central spot online so you can access these details anytime.

Plus, you can take advantage of the free energy management tools below to better understand how much energy you're using.

Keep track of your usage history

See when you're using or more or less energy from the time you moved in to your business premises.

Better understand what appliances and how time of use can impact your bill. Just by comparing the seasons alone could help you figure out when your bills may be higher or lower.

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View your usage history in My Account

Compare your usage with others

Get competitive and see how you compare against the households in your suburb - are you an energy guzzler or saver?

If you share you're household profile with us including number of people, rooms and appliances, you'll also be able to compare your usage to similar profiles. Put a plan in place to reduce your energy usage, carbon footprint and save some cash.

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Compare your usage with your suburb via My Account

Set energy saving goals

Once you've shared your household profile with us, we'll give you a list of relevant energy saving tips. You'll also be able to see which tips other My Account users are doing. 

You can then create your own energy saving action plan so you can tick off the changes you've made once complete. Then start seeing how the little and big changes are making a difference to your bill via the usage history tab (after each bill).

Why not put a plan in place today - to reduce your energy usage, carbon footprint and save some cash today.

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My Account energy saving tips


Which appliances use the most energy?

Heating, cooling and home entertainment appliances contribute to over 35% of usage in WA homes. Small changes, like turning the TV off at the power point could save you up to $150 per year on the bill. Here's a general guide of which appliances contribute most to your bill.