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Solar connections, REBS & upgrades

If you've decided to go solar, you'll need to apply to both Synergy and Western Power to connect to the grid. As part of this process, we'll let you know if you're eligible for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS).

Follow these simple steps to start enjoying the benefits of the sun and to apply for REBS...


Apply to Synergy to start the process

You or your solar supplier can simply complete the Renewable Energy Systems application form. All you’ll need to have handy is a copy of a Synergy bill for the address, the system size details and the installer’s contact details. We’ll give you a reference number within one business day.  



Apply to Synergy

Apply to Western Power to connect to the grid

Using your reference number, you or your solar installer will need to apply to have your system connected to the Western Power network. We’ll be notified when your connection is approved for installation and if you qualify for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS). We’ll then arrange for your meter to be changed or re-programmed to a compliant bi-directional meter. 

Please note, once we have arranged the meter change or re-programming with Western Power, you may incur any associated metering costs if you decide to cancel your application.

Visit Western Power

Install your solar system

Western Power will leave a friendly note in your meter box when your meter has been changed or re-programmed. Once you get that, your solar supplier can install your solar system. All done! It's time to start saving.

Getting connected costs

REBS administration fee
$21.00 per account
Metering costs to switch to REBS
Single phase meter $138.24 (inclusive of GST)
Three phase meter $235.04 (inclusive of GST)
Reprogram fee compatible meter $66.00 ^
Communications equipment installation (if required)
Additional charges may apply in situations where Western Power deems it is necessary to install communications capability on the meter to take the required meter readings for billing purposes (e.g. because they have no access to the meter such as a 0160 meter typically found in lifestyle villages). Price on application.

Who's eligible for REBS?

REBS is available to residential customers who consume not more than 50MWh/a, non-profit organisations and educational institutions that have a small renewable energy system between 500 watts and 5kW. You'll also need to have:

  • An approved, bi-directional meter installed
  • All necessary approvals to connect your system to the grid and transfer electricity into the grid must be obtained, including but not limited to, Western Power and Synergy

We'll let you know if you're eligible for REBS as part of the getting connected process. As long as you don't increase your solar system to above 5kW - we'll continue to buy back your excess energy.   (Different arrangements apply to feed in tariff customers. Please refer to the REBS terms and conditions for further details.)

If you also have a battery installed as part of your system, in addition to the above system size requirements, and the battery has an export limit of 0kW you may also be eligible for REBS payments.  As long as you don't change your battery configuration so that it can export to the grid and your Solar PV does not exceed 5kW – we may continue to buy back your excess energy.

Read the REBS Pricing Schedule

To find out more about the buyback rates on different tariffs and all associated fees and charges.

Download the pricing

Get your REBS payment sent automatically

Avoid the hassle of a cheque. Log in to My Account and nominate an account we can deposit credits of $75 or more automatically. All you’ll need is to switch to Paperless billing.

Set up via My Account


Why do I still need to pay for electricity with solar connected?

You only need to pay for electricity when your panels aren't producing enough energy to power your home, when the sun isn't shining brightly. The good news is, in the not too distant future, battery storage technology will enable you to store excess energy produced during the day, so you can take advantage of it long after the sun goes down.

Connect your battery or electric vehicle to the grid

Great news! You can now connect an export-capable battery storage system (including electric vehicles) to the grid. All you need to do is download and complete the renewable energy systems application form and send it back to us. 


Complete the renewable energy systems application form

To get started, have your account number and bill details handy.

For solar systems, you'll need to provide details of your system size (kW) and inverter capacity (kW). And for batteries, the capacity (kWh) and battery power (kW) is required.

Apply to connect your system

Once you've completed the form, send it back to us online

Save time and postage costs and use our handy, online tool to submit your registration form.

We'll give you a reference number within 1 business day so you can then apply to Western Power to get your battery connected to the grid.

Submit your connection request