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Here's why your meter might have not been read

There are a number of reasons why your meter may not have been read. Here are some important things to note:

  • Western Power meter readers won’t enter any enclosure where there is a dog or signs of a dog, regardless of the breed or how friendly it seems.
  • Western Power meter readers won’t climb over fences or gates to access your meter.
  • Western Power meters readers won’t open meter boxes where there’s signs of bees or wasp nests.

If unable to access your meter, Western Power meter readers will normally leave a ‘Skip Read’ card with specific details about the access issue. If you don’t believe the reason is accurate, you can call Western Power on 13 10 87 to discuss further. Sometimes it’s possible that outdated meter reading access notes from a previous tenant or situation have remained against your site and are instructing the meter readers not to enter your property (e.g. beware of dog).

If you believe an access issue is genuine and will be ongoing there is a number of actions you may consider to resolve it:

  • Installation of master key utility locks, available from licensed locksmiths and security suppliers
  • Moving your meter to the outer boundary of your property. A licensed Electrical Contractor can facilitate this for you.
  • Enclosing your dog away from the meter
  • Upgrading your meter to include remote communications. Synergy can arrange for Western Power to install this for you.

Please note your standard form contract with Synergy requires you to implement one or more of the above options to ensure safe access to your meter is available at all times.

Further information on meter reading processes can be found on Western Power’s website

If you have received an estimated bill you can read more here about why your bill might have been estimated.

If you need more time to pay your Synergy bill or would like to set up a payment arrangement to pay in smaller amounts, we can help. We have a range of different payment and support options available to assist you.