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Track your usage

Our in-depth range of reporting tools have been designed to help you track and forecast your business's energy usage so you can put an effective, data driven energy management plan in place.

My Account makes taking control of your energy usage easy

My Account keeps all your energy data, billing and payment history together, accessible 24 hours a day, from your favourite device.

You can add multiple premises so it's easier to track everything in the one central spot.

You can manage your account preferences, go green and pay your bills with a range of secure, payment options. 

Keep track of your usage history

See when your business is using more or less energy from the time you moved in to your home.

Better understand which appliances and busy periods impact your bill the most. Just by comparing the seasons alone could help you figure out when your bills may be higher or lower.

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Get more control with See & Save

All you need is some smart little device/s attached to your electricity circuit to see which appliances are costing you the most.

Once you know how your energy is being consumed, you can put an action plan in place and monitor how much energy your saving in real time, via My Account.

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See and save

Download your interval data

With a Synergy Business electricity plan, we'll install an interval meter to give your more detailed data about your energy consumption. You'll get able to access 30 minute interval data to understand your peak demands for each business premise.

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Set your air conditioner to between 22 and 24 degrees

Naturally, you’ll need more energy to cool the air if you choose a low cooling temperature, and vice-versa. Even 1°C difference will increase running costs for your business.