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Moving premise

Moving premise or building a new location for your business can mean exciting times ahead. We've made managing your energy connections simple, so you can focus on the future.

Moving premise?

Whether you’re moving in or out - you can create, close or transfer your business connection/s online

It takes around 3 business days (excluding weekends) to get you connected/disconnected and you’ll receive a first or final bill after that.

Please call us on 13 13 54 to continue if:

  • The property has been, or is about to be disconnected
  • Your premise requires life support equipment

Ready to move?

Have the following details handy:

Moving in

  • Synergy account number (It’s in the top left corner of your bill)
  • New business address
  • Phone number

Plus, for moving out you'll also need:

  • Existing business address
  • Future mailing address
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New to Synergy?

Firstly, welcome! If you’ve never had a business account with us before, we just need a few extra details to get you up and running in 3 - 5 business days (excluding weekends).

If you spend more than $13,500 per annum on electricity...

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Have the following details handy:

Please call us on 13 13 54 to continue if:

  • Electricity at the premise has already been disconnected
  • Your premise requires life support equipment
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Can I connect energy to my new premise while my old premise is still connected?

Definitely. You can switch on your new business premise connection while you're still packing up the old premise (as long as the new space is vacant at the time, with no active energy account).

Transfer your connection


Building a new premise for your business can be an exciting but tough process. Whether you need to arrange temporary or permanent supply to your site, this is a good place to start.

Things you need to know

  • Make sure Landgate has titled your land as you'll need to provide us with the lot number
  • Check your premise has underground power (the shiny green dome) or call Western Power on 13 10 87 to confirm
  • If you require a temporary connection, there may be a fee of $340 if you contact Synergy to request this removal.

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Have the following details handy:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • New business address
  • Main builder’s contact details
  • Lot number or the parent lot number if the property is strata titled

For multiple premises...
Complete the New Electricity Application for multiple connections instead and then send it back to us.

Get started

There's 4 steps to getting your new premise connected

Check for underground power

Look for a shiny green dome. If you can't find it, Western Power will need to install a new underground connection. Call 13 10 87.

Get a reference number from us

Complete the new connections form online and we'll send you a reference number in 3-5 days so you can progress to step 3.

Pass it on to the builder/electrician

They'll need your reference number to arrange your meter installation with Western Power. They'll know how long this takes to get done.

You're ready to switch on

Once your meter is connected to the power supply... you're done! You'll receive your first bill approximately 2 months later.


Who should be the account holder of a temporary supply?

Whenever a property has a power supply, there must be an account holder who is responsible for paying the account. The account holder is usually the property owner, but if you only need power temporarily, the builder or electrician can be the account holder.This way, the tradesperson will be billed for any power used during construction. If you’re not sure who should be responsible, check your building contract for details.


If you’re having a premise demolished, first you’ll need to close the account for the location. We can then arrange with Western Power to have your meter and leads removed.

Please allow up to 5 business days for metro areas or up to 10 business days for country areas for removal.

Sign up now

Have the following details handy:

  • Address of the premise being demolished
  • Business name
  • Lot number
  • Meter number
  • Property owner’s contact details
  • Demolition company's contact details
Apply for demolition

Submit your demolition request online

Save time and postage costs and use our handy online tool to submit your completed removal of service application. The faster we receive it, the faster we can organise with Western Power to remove your meter. 

Submit online