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If your business uses less than $14,000 p.a.^ on electricity, tariff based plans are most likely your best option. There's a range to choose from to suit your operations.

There are also regulated tariffs for electricity and gas supply for larger businesses, but if you use $14,000 p.a.^ or more on electricity or $6,400 p.a.** or more on gas, consider a Synergy electricity or gas plan.


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Spend more than $1m p.a. on electricity? Find the right plan

Your business spends more than $6,400 p.a.**

4 products available

Mid-West/South-West Non-residential Gas tariff

Regulated gas tariff for businesses with moderate to high gas use

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Key features

  • No fixed term
  • No special meter requirements
  • Government regulated tariff
  • Energy type


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The products presented above are suggestions based on your businesses' annual spend. These are intended to help guide you, however, subject to the terms and conditions of each product, you can choose which product is right for you. 

^ Approximately 50,000 units electricity per year. 
** Approximately 180GJ gas per year. 
^^ You'll also need to complete the Charity Accommodation Plan (D1) / Community Service Plan (C1) and provide supporting evidence of eligibility to our Synergy Customer Service Centre.

For rates and information on all regulated electricity plans and tariffs, please refer to the Standard Electricity Prices and Charges

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