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When the management team at St Ives Northshore Retirement Village in Kallaroo were looking at ways to enhance their residents’ experience, they explored how to reduce not only their operating costs but the wider environmental impact of the village. 

After noticing a shift in the public perception of the look and benefits of solar panels, the management team looked at adding solar power to the village infrastructure. They were looking for a solution which would:

  • Deliver a return on investment for the village while creating a cost-saving benefit for each resident/owner.
  • Focus the solar installation on the parts of the village that were heavily used during daylight hours, such as the main buildings, lounges and administration areas.
  • Add to the green credentials of the village, a benefit which appears to be increasingly important to existing and new retirees.

After a lengthy tender process, the management team chose a Synergy Commercial SolarReturn solution, with a 39.60kW system which includes 120 solar panels which was installed in September 2020.


Project Challenges

“The challenge that we knew our extremely brittle roof tiles would create was met head-on during installation. In the first post-installation rain storm, Luke from Synergy responded to my call for assistance on a Sunday morning of a long weekend, and had the installation crew ready to attend and follow up.”


“We found the professionalism from Synergy throughout the tender process, the availability of advice and information, the detail available in terms of specifications, the consideration of our required solution and the overall project costs, set them ahead of any other tender we received.”

“It is early days yet, but currently we are covering over 50% of our daily electricity consumption in the communal areas with solar generated electricity. That represents a good-sized saving for a facility of our size, and we can reflect that saving back to residents in our overall operating costs.” 

Project Overview


Retirement Living




23rd September 2020




120 x Q-CELL G2 Q.Maxx 330W Panels
2 x SMA STP25000TL 25.0


Future Forecast




3.3 - 3.4 years

*Estimated annual bill offset and approximate payback period are indicative only based on system size, the price paid, historic consumption and electricity supply costs for the premises and current electricity tariffs.  If the consumption habits at this premise significantly change, the estimated annual bill offset and payback period will also change. 

Investing in solar energy for your business could help you to bring down your electricity costs and reduce your environmental impact. Our SolarReturn team can use their industry expertise to match the unique way your business uses electricity with a solar solution to suit your commercial needs.

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