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Synergy Large Business Demand HV tariff

Don't forget the small print

Effective 1 March 2022. Prices are subject to change from time to time and other fees and charges may also apply. Prices listed include GST unless otherwise stated. By law we calculate our prices to four decimal places. Electricity is charged by the 'unit'. A 'unit' is one kilowatt-hour (kWh).

The pricing details shown relate to Synergy customers connected to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), covering the area from Kalbarri in the North, down to Albany in the South and East to Kalgoorlie. For other areas of Western Australia outside of the SWIS please contact Horizon Power.

What you need to know
The Synergy Large Business Demand HV tariff is an On/Off peak tariff, generally suitable for large energy businesses that:
  • Use more than 50% of electricity during off-peak periods, have a load factor of 50% and consume more than 1,850 units per day


Eligible business customers have electricity supplied at high voltage (6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV or 33kV), combined with a moderate to high load factor. The premises must also use 50,000 units or more per annum, or 137 units or more on average per day. Compatible meters are required.

Item Price inc. GST
Minimum charge 733.4943 dollars per day
Demand charge 129.2265 cents per day multiplied by maximum demand - refer below
Electricity charge - peak 18.8935 cents per unit
Electricity charge - off peak 12.5654 cents per unit
Power factor charge* 53.5672 cents per unit
The maximum demand multiplier is either the on peak half-hourly maximum demand, or 30% of the off-peak half-hourly maximum demand (whichever is greater).
* Synergy reserves the right to levy a customer a power factor charge per day per kVAR for the kVAR necessary to improve the power factor to 0.8 lagging in any period during which the power factor at the time of the customer’s maximum demand is less than 0.8.
Compatible with
Data services

Data services

Did you know you can access essential energy reports and forecasts through your account manager or self-monitor your energy consumption in My Account?

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Demand respond

Demand response

Are you able to temporarily reduce your energy demand? You can earn money by controlling your business's energy use. Contact your account manager or call 13 13 54.

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Renewable energy systems

Installing a solar or wind system to self-generate? You can register your business’s renewable energy system online, in just a few minutes.

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Other fees & charges
Other fees and charges may apply. All prices listed below are correct as at 1 March 2022 and are subject to change.
Fees & charges Price inc. GST
Account establishment fee $ 37.20
Cheque dishonour fee $ 2.55
Credit/debit card transaction fee - American Express 0.84 %
Credit card transaction fee - MasterCard 0.73 %
Debit card transaction fee - MasterCard 0.31 %
Credit card transaction fee - Visa 0.89 %
Debit card transaction fee - Visa 0.38 %
Direct debit dishonour fee $ 2.55
Disconnection of overhead house/premises service fee following illegal re-connection $ 194.00
Meter reprogram fee $ 95.70
Meter reconfiguration fee - remote $ 34.00
Meter testing fee (refunded if meter is faulty) $ 336.15
Over the counter transaction fee $ 2.10
Overdue account notice fee (GST doesn't apply) $ 6.15
Paper based bill fee $ 1.20
Reconnection fee $ 31.10
Rejected payment/dishonour fee (payment made at Australia Post) $ 29.00
Supply abolishment fee $ 484.00
Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme administration fee $ 21.90
Distributed Energy System administration fee $ 21.90
Special meter reading fee $ 27.90
Special meter reading fee - remote $ 17.60
Subsidiary electricity meter rental fee. (Not available to customers on R1, R3, S1 or T1 tariffs) $ 0.1597 per day
Meter upgrade fee $ 95.70

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