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Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme Application Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge and confirm the following:

1. The information I have provided in this form is true and correct.

2. Non-compliance with Western Power’s Basic Embedded Generator Connection Technical Requirements applicable to emergency solar management may restrict my ability to connect and operate my solar system on and from 14 February 2022. In the event my solar system does not have an API cloud solution or Western Power metering solution, my solar system is required to be export limited unless an off-take agreement exists. For export limit details visit:

3. I am an ‘eligible customer’ as defined in the DEBS Terms and Conditions.

{Note: on 14 February 2022, the DEBS Terms and Conditions define ‘eligible customer’ as:

a) a customer —

i. to whom electricity is supplied for residential purposes; and

ii. who consumes not more than 50 MWh of electricity per annum;

b) a customer that is a school, university or other educational institution; or

c) a customer that is a non-profit making organisation}

4. My system is or will be designed and installed by a Clean Energy Council-accredited designer and installer (please note that you may be required to provide documentation to Synergy to substantiate your response).

5. Unless Synergy notifies me otherwise, I must obtain Western Power’s approval for connection of the system before the system is connected to Western Power’s electricity network and I must have installed the system, within the timeframes Application form dated 14 February 2022 SYNGPW0299_08022022 specified in the DEBS Terms and Conditions.

If I do not meet these timeframes, my DEBS contract may terminate.

{Note: on 14 February 2022, the DEBS Terms and Conditions effectively provide for your DEBS contract to terminate:

a) automatically, if you do not:

i. apply to Western Power for approval to connect your system within 90 days of Synergy receiving this completed application form; or

ii. install and connect your system to the Western Power network within 180 days of Western Power approving your application lodged under paragraph (a)(i); or

b) if relevant, you do not enter into an electricity supply agreement with Synergy within 90 days of Synergy approving this application form and you or Synergy elect to terminate the DEBS contract.

6. I will comply with Western Power’s technical connection requirements (including the Basic Embedded Generator Connection Technical Requirements) and ensure a Western Power approved bi-directional meter has been installed prior to the transfer of electricity from the system into Western Power’s electricity network.

7. I authorise Synergy to verify the system installation with State and/or Federal Government agencies and entities and the supplier (if nominated above), as required.

8. I have read, understood and accept Synergy’s DEBS Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by those terms and conditions as amended from time to time.

9. This application form, including this acknowledgement, contains summaries of some of Synergy’s and my key obligations under the DEBS Terms and Conditions. These summaries are intended for information purposes and this application form does not in any way modify any of Synergy’s or my rights or obligations under the DEBS Terms and Conditions. To the extent there is any discrepancy between this application form and the DEBS Terms and Conditions, the DEBS Terms and Conditions prevail.

10.If I am renting, occupying or leasing the premises where the system is installed, I have the system owner’s consent to apply for the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme.

11. The total maximum inverter capacity of the small renewable energy system is greater than 500 watts and not more than 5kW.

12.If I choose to expand, or otherwise modify, the capacity or inverter size of my system, I acknowledge that I am required to submit a ‘change of system’ application to Synergy and any such change to the small renewable energy system may result in my becoming ineligible to participate in the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme.

13.A new meter, meter upgrade or meter reprogramming may be required before my system can be connected. The cost of this will be charged to me and will be displayed on my bill (current pricing can be viewed at

14.A Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme application fee is applicable on all new applications (current pricing is available at