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How much could I be saving on electricity with solar?
To understand some of the financial benefits of going solar, try our handy solar savings calculator. It can provide a general estimate of how much you could save, along with other valuable information like the estimated payback period of your system and how much electricity your solar power system could generate.
If you are interested in how much you could save in your specific situation then request a quote for a solar system.

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How many solar panels will I need for my home?
The location of your roof in relation to sunshine, shading, dirt on solar panels and temperature all play a part in maximising your solar power production.
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How do you work out the best battery size for my home?

When looking at the best battery size for your home, you should look at a range of factors, including:

  • Your electricity consumption
  • Time of day you consume it
  • Your solar energy system size (either new or existing)
What’s the difference between a battery and an inverter?
An inverter will convert electricity into a usable form to be used in your home or stored in a battery.
A battery allows you to store any power generated from your solar system to use when it best suits you, even when your solar system isn't generating electricity.
Every battery needs an inverter before it can be connected to your home. The same goes for solar panels.
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What effect could a battery have on my bill?
A battery will generally help to reduce your electricity bill. The electricity your solar panels generate using the power of the sun is free and the battery will make the most of the way you use this free electricity. Changing the way you use electricity is another way to maximise the savings on your bill. If you can shift most of your electricity consumption into daylight hours, this will help to make the most of your electricity and potential savings.
What will my bill now look like with solar?
The good news about solar is that it can make a big difference to the size of your energy bill. This handy guide will help explain what this looks like on your bill.
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Understanding my solar bill

Say hello to your new Synergy bill

The good news about solar is that it can make a big difference to the size of your energy bill. This handy guide will help explain what this looks like on your bill.

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Who do I contact for solar PV system service enquiries?

If you bought a solar PV system from Synergy prior to 4 December 2020, simply contact us on 1800 453 021 and we’ll be able to assist.  

If you bought a solar PV system after December 2020 and it was installed by Solargain, please get in touch with them on 1300 73 93 55. If you bought the solar system from another company, you will need to get in touch with them.  

What is Synergy’s partnership with Solargain?

Synergy no longer provides solar PV systems for residential customers. As of 4 December 2020, Synergy entered a partnership with Solargain to give customers access to specialised expertise and their range of products. 

If you bought or are buying a solar PV system from Solargain, they will handle every aspect of the solar installation process for your home, including customer service enquiries related to your solar PV system. Synergy will still manage your electricity account as usual and is able to assist with your account enquires. 

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