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Synergy is working with Western Power and the City of Mandurah by delivering a new Energy Storage Trial called PowerBank at Meadow Springs. 

The Australian-first trial allows for the integration of a utility-scale battery into an already established major metropolitan network. 

PowerBank is a two-year trial that allows invited customers to make the most of their solar PV system by virtually storing# the excess energy generated (up to 8kWh/day). Together with a time-of-use pricing plan, it’s a battery storage solution without the upfront costs. 

Everything we learn from innovative projects like this helps us prepare for WA’s intelligent energy future.  


How much have households been saving? 

Since the trial started on 8 November 2018, participating households have saved $5,486.46* off their collective energy bills, which is on average $111.97* per household.

Trial participants' average daily virtual battery storage is 7.7 kWh and the average daily virtual battery consumption is 5 kWh (results are per day per household).



Daily supply charges

Item Price (inc. of GST)
Peak daily (3pm to 9pm weekdays)
54.8412 cents per unit (kWh)
Everyday Off-peak (9pm to 7am all days)
15.1002 cents per unit (kWh)
Weekday shoulder (7am to 3pm weekdays) 28.7076 cents per unit (kWh)
Weekend shoulder (7am to 9pm weekends) 28.7076 cents per unit (kWh)
Daily supply charge
103.3263 cents per day
Daily Subscription Fee
$1 per day

Energy Tips for customers on the Battery Smart Plan

We’ve developed some unique PowerBank trial energy tips below as there is always more we can do to continue saving!

  • Maximise your cost savings during peak tariff hours (3pm to 9pm weekdays) where virtually stored# energy can be used in the evenings instead of paying the higher peak rates.
  • Switch on or set the timer on your major appliances to run between 3pm and 9pm to make use of the virtually stored# energy you have accumulated during the day.
  • Avoid running your major appliances during the weekday (7am to 3pm) and weekend (7am to 9pm) 'shoulder' periods. Turn off any appliances and lighting that you aren’t using at the wall.
  • Make use of the cheaper Everyday Off-peak rate between the hours of 9pm to 7am.

Battery Smart Plan FAQs

Want to learn more about Battery Smart Plan? Take a look at our helpful and comprehensive list of FAQs.

Am I still drawing power from my solar system during the day?
Yes, your household uses your solar energy throughout the day as your system generates energy, and any excess solar energy (up to 8kWh) is stored in the virtual# battery. Grid energy supplements your household energy if the solar energy generation is not sufficient during the day. The virtually stored# battery energy can only be used after 3pm and is used only after your solar panels stop generating enough energy for your household consumption.
Am I still getting paid for my excess electricity?
Yes. After your 8kWh of virtual# storage has been reached, any excess electricity your home exports to the grid will be paid to you at the same rate as the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme.
What happens if I don’t use my 8kWh of virtually stored# energy?
If you are not consuming all your virtually stored# battery energy during the peak times, you are not maximising your savings. We've added a new Battery Smart Plan tab in My Account^ to help you track and optimise your usage. My Account keeps all your energy data, billing and payment history together, accessible 24 hours a day from your favourite device. Follow the links to find out more.
What happens now and post-trial?
Synergy will continue to provide seasonal updates on how you are performing over the trial. Occasionally, you will also be invited to take part in surveys or receive other communications from Synergy while on the trial. While there is no guarantee of the trial continuing after the two-year trial period, the project partners will consider long-term opportunities at an appropriate time. If you have any questions, please email
Where is the $1 a day virtual battery storage charge?
The $1 a day battery storage charge is under the Battery Smart Plan summary on your monthly Synergy bill, itemised as a subscription fee for the charge period. More information for helping you to understand your bill can be found here.
#By virtual, we mean there is no physical battery connected to the premises storing electricity generated. Individual customers are allocated virtual storage capacity in the battery as per the Battery Smart Plan terms and conditions applicable to the PowerBank trial.
*Average Estimated savings only calculated by comparing consumption and costs incurred by trial participants on the PowerBank Trial and the A1 Home Plan over the same period (for the period between 07/11/2018 to  30/04/2019). Variances in generation and consumption will affect individual costs and potential savings. 
^Your daily interval consumption data in My Account may be up to 48 hours behind.