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Synergy’s Midday Saver product offers residential customers a three band time of use pricing for electricity depending on the time of day electricity is used. The product is designed to encourage customers to shift their electricity usage to outside of the Peak time period, i.e. 3 pm to 9 pm, by offering lower rates during Super Off Peak and Off Peak time periods. The more electricity consumption a customer can shift from the Peak time period to the Super Off Peak and Off Peak time periods, the more they could save on their electricity costs.

As a time-of-use product, the Synergy Midday Saver offers three different time periods daily with different electricity charges for the power use. There are 3 time periods that apply all year round:

Shift and save

Super Off Peak - (9am to 3pm)

Rates for electricity are between the rates charged for the Peak time period and Off Peak time period.

Peak - (3pm to 9pm)

Avoid or use less electricity during this time as it has a higher cost.

Off Peak - (9pm to 9am)

Rates for electricity during this time period are between the rates for the Peak time period and Super Off Peak time period.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • By changing the time of your electricity use you could reduce your electricity costs
  • Take advantage of lower rates across the day
  • By shifting your consumption to the Off Peak and Super Off Peak time periods, you will not only save on electricity costs but also help maintain stability in the grid for the benefit of Western Australians
  • You will need a compatible meter*
  • You could also help increase household consumption of renewable energy within our State
  • By reducing your usage of major appliances like dishwashers, pool pumps, washing machines and clothes dryers in the peak period, you can save on your electricity costs

* Meter reprograming and installation fees may apply.

Owners of electric vehicles could benefit on Synergy’s Midday Saver if they charge their vehicle either during the Super Off Peak time period or later at night during the Off Peak time period to take advantage of the lower rate for electricity than the standard Synergy Home Plan (A1) during these time periods.

Find out more

More details on the Synergy Midday Saver Product will be available on 1st July 2022.