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Around 3500 BC, one of our ancient ancestors created the wheel. Thousands of years later, we humans are still driven by our quest to find new, smarter and more efficient ways to do things.

$266 is the average WA energy bill *. How do you compare?


Reduce your bill

Discover how your major appliances impact your bill and how to make small changes for big results

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Compare your bill

Find out how you compare to the households around you

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Save with solar & battery

Find out how much it costs to install solar & battery, tailored to your needs

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Break down your bill

Find out what elements make up your bill

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Solar finance*

Learn how our contacts at Macquarie might be able to help make your solar power more affordable

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Renewable program

Find out how we’re investing in renewable energy for WA today and for generations to come.

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Solar community fund

Discover how solar power is making a big difference to some fantastic not-for-profit organisations across WA.

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Alkimos Beach Energy Trial

See how innovative technology is putting the sun to work for homes in our Australian-first trial in Alkimos Beach.

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