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Pricing updates

From time to time, the energy market is subject to regulatory price changes. We’ll make sure we give you advanced information about the changes, why they are changing, and how they affect your business.

We'll always contact you to let you know the estimated impact of any price changes that may impact your business.

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) charges

Supports the investment in smaller technologies such as rooftop solar panels and solar hot water heaters through the generation of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). The number of of STC’s to be purchased each year is calculated using the Small-scale Technology Percentage (STP) published by the Clean Energy Regulator..

Reviewed Annually
Effective 1 July 2017
2017 rate 7.01% STP
What this means for you Good news the STP charge has decreased compared to 9.68% last year. Learn more.

Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) charges

Supports the development of large projects including wind farms and solar power stations by legislating demand for Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs). The number of LGC’s to be purchased each year is calculated using the Renewable Power Percentage (RPP). which changes annually and is published by the Clean Energy Regulator.

Reviewed Annually
Effective 1 April 2017
2017 rate 14.22% RPP
What this means for you The RPP has increased from 12.75% in 2016. Learn more.

Network charges

The Economic Regulation Authority has approved increases to the price Western Power charges Synergy to access its electricity network.

Reviewed Annually
Effective 1 July 2017
2017 charge Please contact your account manager to confirm increase (if applicable)
What this means for you For customers on a fixed-term Synergy Business Plan or Electricity Sales Agreement these changes will be passed through to the rates your business pays.

Electricity - Government regulated tariffs (standard contracts)

The setting of electricity retail tariffs is determined by the state government and is assessed as part of the annual state budget process every year.

Reviewed Annually
Effective 1 July 2017
2017 charge Please refer to the pricing tables on our website for full details
What this means for you Select your regulated tariff to view the updated pricing

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