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Working towards a net zero carbon future together

  • State Government energy utilities are working together towards a net zero carbon future by 2050
  • Horizon Power, Western Power and Synergy release joint climate change commitment

State Government energy utilities Horizon Power, Western Power and Synergy today released a joint commitment to address climate change in support of the State Government’s commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Each utility is playing a pivotal role towards a low carbon economy for the Western Australian community by trialling and implementing renewable energy solutions. They are also sourcing and retailing new energy products, and transforming infrastructure to deliver clean, green energy across their networks.

Working towards a decarbonised future together will enable the further uptake of renewable energy resources, grid stability and affordable electricity for all Western Australians.

All three utilities are currently working with private industry, as well as local, State and Federal government, to deploy the very latest technologies available on a global scale to deliver a variety of renewable energy solutions to customers.

Key strategic initiatives include standalone power systems for regional and remote communities, green hydrogen generation and storage, large scale energy storage solutions, distributed energy management systems and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

State Government energy utilities Horizon Power, Western Power and Synergy are owned by the people of Western Australia and together provide essential services to customers and communities across the State.

Comments to be attributed to Synergy Chief Executive Officer Jason Waters:

“Synergy is proud of its support of the State Government’s commitment to net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. The energy industry is changing rapidly and we’re on the journey towards a more sustainable future.”

“Synergy has always been at the forefront of renewable energy projects in Western Australia; from the State’s first wind farm in Esperance, to Greenough River solar farm, the first community energy storage trial in Alkimos, the Kwinana Big Battery and school virtual power plants.”

“The transition to a new energy future has seen Synergy adopt an industry-leading plan to support employees through the transition away from thermal generation. The staged retirement Muja Power Station (MPS) Stage C units 5 and 6, is planned for October 2022 and October 2024.”

Read the joint Climate Change Commitment here.