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Synergy unveils intelligent home of the future display

Perth home builders are about to get the opportunity to look at the Homes of the Future, thanks to a first-ever interactive display to be launched this week at Home Base in Subiaco.

After more than eight months of planning, Synergy’s manager energy solutions, Allen Gerber, said the centre’s very first interactive display will offer visitors an insight into intelligent homes of the future using touch, voice and animation.

“Tomorrow is going to bring a lot of changes in how we make and use our energy and this display seeks to bring that alive in a way that we hope will stimulate people to think about home building in a completely different way,” he said.

“Imagine a future where glass windows, paint and even roads can generate energy.

“Or a future where you can generate your own energy then gift it to your family, friends or charity?

“These possibilities are just around the corner so it’s important Synergy educates the community about how the power grid is changing, and how they can adapt their home to be smarter.”

The walkthrough display begins with motion detection that activates the room as visitors enter. Conductive ink painted on to white walls then activates an animation that informs visitors about the intelligent energy age.

The interactive display includes everything home owners need to know about the right solar panels, batteries and inverters if they’re considering installing solar in their home.

In addition, the display demonstrates what a ‘smart-home’ is and how Wi-Fi-enabled smart appliances such as lighting, blinds and air conditioning allow us to connect, monitor and automate our homes like never before.

“Visitors can also see an example of how real-time data responds to various appliances being switched on and off, or how solar can play a role in reducing consumption from the grid,” Allen said.

 “Making small changes today while building or renovating can save home owners money (and the environment) tomorrow.”

And before you exit, don’t forget to say hello to Amazon’s Alexa. You can ask her to turn on the lights, turn on the music, have a party or just turn the coffee machine on.

Synergy’s Home of the Future display opens at Home Base, 55 Salvado Road, Subiaco on Thursday 13th July, 2017.