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Synergy provides new power to Bunbury-based Thommo’s Garden

Synergy has given Thommo’s Garden a helping hand to power its new kitchen and improve its security lighting with a donation of a 3kW solar photovoltaic (PV), battery system and new LED lights.

Since its inception in 2009 the off-the-grid premise, Thommo’s Garden has provided people with the experience of growing their own gardens and the opportunity to learn more about horticulture in a community environment, is now able to power all its kitchen needs using energy generated through its 12 solar panels and battery system, instead of diesel generators. 

Having cleaner and automated energy sources helps reduce the time volunteers and members spend powering basic kitchen appliances such as kettles and toasters and means they are now able to spend more quality time enjoying the garden. 

Synergy chief executive officer Jason Waters said the garden was about supporting local people and Synergy was pleased to be able to be a part of the community efforts by providing something tangible.

“Innovation and collaboration are two of Synergy’s corporate values and our role in strong community initiatives like this demonstrates how serious we are about delivering new technology to support the communities we operate in,” Mr Waters said.

“Synergy is determined to deliver on our values by increasing our levels of meaningful community engagement in the future.” 

Thommo’s Garden owner John Thomson said the garden’s sustainability relied on the generosity of the community and local businesses and donations like these would bring significant benefits to the garden itself and to those who used it. 

“Having this solar system is absolutely wonderful and I can’t thank Synergy enough for its support in getting us our own power source where we can finally do simple tasks easily and we aim to leverage this new technology when look at improving our irrigation system in the near future.” Mr Thomson said. 

“The new lights will also give me some piece of mind as it will act as a deterrent for vandalism and opportunistic theft, which sadly we have previously experienced at this garden. A big part of why people come here is to socialise with others so it’s important the place is as secure as it can be.”


Media contact:
Doug White