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Synergy named as Australia’s most trusted energy company

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Western Australia’s state-owned electricity generator and retailer Synergy has been named as Australia’s most trusted energy company.

The latest Roy Morgan Net Trust Score survey for the energy sector released on Friday, reveals Synergy had the highest ‘net trust score’ (NTS) of any provider in Australia, based on Roy Morgan data for August.

Synergy CEO Jason Waters said the classification was a great reflection of the focus that Synergy had placed on improving its customers’ experiences.

“At Synergy, we continue to work extremely hard to ensure all of our customers can trust us for our high standards of reliability and customer service,” Mr Waters said.

“Helping customers to better manage their energy needs continues to be the cornerstone of Synergy’s approach.

“Providing support, information and real solutions to our customers, many of whom are facing financial hardship is a key part of our how we operate, and something we will continue to work on and improve.”

The NTS is generated by asking respondents to name brands they both trust and distrust, which takes place through more than 50 thousand detailed face-to-face, in-home surveys per year.

The survey listed the key drivers of trust as including: cheap prices and good value; having a good history with the company; and having had no negative experiences with the company.

Roy Morgan also stated that respondents named good customer service and getting problems fixed quickly, as well as a company’s ability to ‘keep the lights on’, as important trust factors.

The announcement release by Roy Morgan is available here