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Bright sparks debut in Synergy’s new graduate program

The next generation of energy professionals have kicked off their careers at Synergy, after being hand-picked to participate in its new graduate program for 2020.

From more than 650 applicants, nine gifted graduates will spend the next two years at Synergy’s Muja Power Station, Cockburn Power Station and Forrest Centre, honing their skills across a variety of business units.

Not only will the graduate program establish development opportunities for young WA professionals, but will create a talent pool of critical skills that will help Synergy’s business evolve.

The graduates have been selected from a range of disciplines and specialities including marketing, engineering, analytics and finance. 

Synergy’s CEO Jason Waters said the business is keen to attract and retain talented individuals in a sector that is rapidly changing.

“Synergy is committed to developing new talent and creating employment opportunities for young people in the WA energy sector,” Mr Waters said.

“Our graduates will receive the training and critical skills necessary to develop new and innovative energy solutions for our customers.”

“We also see the program as a pathway to a long-term career in energy for our graduates, who will hopefully aspire to become the future senior leaders of the business.”

Taking charge of their own career path, the graduates will have influence over their rotations based on the connections they have made and areas of interest they have identified.

Working across a variety of projects, they will also attend structured professional development courses and information sessions to further enhance their skill-sets.

The graduates are encouraged to select their own mentor, ensuring they receive both emotional and professional support on a tailored-basis.

The program also incorporates ten non-technical skill building days a year, including workshops on leadership, public speaking, emotional intelligence and communication.