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Do I need a new meter to install solar and how do I arrange this?

To install a solar power system you’ll need to have a bi-directional energy meter that is capable of separately measuring and recording electricity flows in each direction - how much energy you consume from the grid vs. how much excess energy you export back to the grid (thanks to your solar system).

If you don’t already have a bi-directional meter, your meter will need to be replaced, reprogrammed or reconfigured to ensure it’s compatible with your solar power system. We’ll work with Western Power to arrange this on your behalf and all metering costs incurred will be charged on the bill following your installation. 

Metering Costs to switch to DEBS

Meter upgrade fee: $96.50 (inclusive of GST)
Meter reprogram fee : $96.50 (inclusive of GST)

You'll first need to apply to get your system connected to the grid to kick start the process.

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