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Am I eligible for REBS?

REBS is available to residential customers who consume not more than 50MWh/a, non-profit organisations and educational institutions that have a small renewable energy system between 500 watts and 5kW. You'll also need to have:

  • An approved, bi-directional meter installed
  • All necessary approvals to connect your system to the grid and transfer electricity into the grid must be obtained, including but not limited to, Western Power and Synergy

We'll let you know if you're eligible for REBS as part of the getting connected process. As long as you don't increase your solar system to above 5kW - we'll continue to buy back your excess energy.   (Different arrangements apply to feed in tariff customers. Please refer to the REBS terms and conditions for further details.)

If you also have a battery installed as part of your system, in addition to the above system size requirements, and the battery has an export limit of 0kW you may also be eligible for REBS payments.  As long as you don't change your battery configuration so that it can export to the grid and your Solar PV does not exceed 5kW – we may continue to buy back your excess energy.

 Learn more about exporting back to the grid