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Am I eligible for DEBS?

DEBS is available to households, schools, educational institutions and not-for-profits in WA who:

  1. Are looking to install a new eligible renewable or distributed energy system;
  2. Are looking to upgrade their existing renewable or distributed energy system;
  3. Are moving into a property with an existing renewable or distributed energy system on or after 6th November; or
  4. Are an existing REBS customer who want to switch to DEBS.

All systems need to be eligible as per the Terms and Conditions.

If you are an existing REBS customer, you can choose to stay on REBS subject to the REBS terms and conditions. If you make changes to your distributed energy system, you may not be eligible to continue to receive REBS.

For customers already in the process of finalising their application for REBS, there will be a week’s grace to submit your application.  You will receive REBS provided that Synergy receives your eligible completed application by 7 September 2020 (subject to REBS Terms and Conditions).