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Top 10 tips for electricity safety at home

  1. Check your wires

    Dodgy connections can compromise more than just the safety of your appliances - they could be life threatening. Ensure plugs and wiring isn't frayed or damaged.

  2. Turn off unused appliances

    As well as saving power, switching off appliances around the home contributes to a safer household.

  3. Install surge protectors

    Instead of using multi plugs, add surge protectors in areas where a number of appliances are often used at once, such as living or lounge rooms.

  4. Cover unused power points

    Whether you have kids, pets or both, it's essential that spare sockets are covered with safety plugs.

  5. Watch where you leave extension cords

    Be careful where you put extension cords. If they're dragged near water or stretched to their limit they can become a hazard.

  6. Know where your switchboard is

    Ensure you're aware of the location of your switchboard. This information could save lives.

  7. Keep power lines in sight

    When doing DIY work at heights, keep overhead power lines in sight and don't stray too close.

  8. Avoid underground wires

    The same goes for wires of the underground variety. If you're renovation your yard, ensure you're doing so safely.

  9. Keep appliances out of reach of kids

    Don't leave cables or electrical devices where children can pull on them.

  10. Get professionals to make repairs

    Electricity is dangerous. Avoid making repairs yourself when possible.