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How can I keep track of my usage?

No matter the season, there's always something that will be affecting your power and gas usage. Whether it's heaters in winter or air conditioning in the warmer months, it can be difficult to work it exactly how much of an affect these appliances have on your bill.

With a couple of the tools Synergy provides, it's a easy for any household to track their energy usage and lower their bill with smarter consumption.

Check My Account regularly

My Account is our free energy management tool that lets you track your energy usage throughout the month, allowing you to find out when you're using the most energy.

On top of this, Synergy customers can also see how their household compares to others in the neighbourhood. Is yours higher than the rest? It might be time to find out if you can save power.  

Compare your usage with your suburb

Every home is unique, which is why sharing a household profile with Synergy is the most effective way to get energy saving tips tailored for you.  
Once you find out what makes your household tick, you can put an energy action plan in place that's designed to help reduce your bill. 
Put an energy action plan in place