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Are there other renewable sources of energy?

Renewable energy is produced from sources that cannot be depleted, like:

  • Wind (you may of seen some of our turbines on your travels throughout WA)
  • Water (hydro power)
  • Sun (solar photovoltaic)
  • Biomass (including gas from landfill or burning of specifically grown crops)

Synergy's green products support renewable energy through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) from accredited renewable energy sources.

These certificates guarantee that the energy linked with the REC is from an accredited renewable energy source. Increased production of energy from renewable sources is one of the best ways of reducing our impact on the environment because it generates very little, or no greenhouse gases.

Add green energy options to your plan from as little as $1 extra a day and you'll feel all warm and fuzzy doing your bit for the environment.

While the renewable energy you buy won’t necessarily get to your home, your investment goes towards the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) from nationally accredited sources - GreenPower.

Reduce your carbon footprint and purchase some of your energy via renewable sources
Green energy options