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How long does it take to switch to Synergy?

Synergy recognises that all businesses are different, resulting in unique demands for energy solutions. Because of this, we offer tailored energy products that take the needs of each individual into account.

How can you get a better deal? 

Not only will Synergy tailor an energy solution for your business, we'll endeavour to give you a better deal. 

First of all, you need to provide us with some information, so we can get an idea of the best options for your company. One step is to give us your meter number, allowing us to get an idea of energy usage up to this point.

Signing up to Synergy 

It's easy to get the information you need to make your decision. Jump on the website and leave your contact details so one of our representatives can be in touch. Then, we'll do the hard yards, working out how much you can expect to save with Synergy's services.

Once we've completed the calculations, we'll get an offer to you. Simply sign on the dotted line and return it to us.

Switching over 

It can take between five and seven business days to make the change to Synergy. But don't worry, your energy needs will remain uninterrupted in the mean time.