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What is a payment extension?

If you’re planning to pay your business bill in one lump sum payment and need to extend the "due date" that appears on your business bill, this is known as a payment extension. 

If you apply for a payment extension from Synergy before your bill due date and don’t already have a payment extension or payment arrangement in place, a payment extension can give you a bit more time to pay your business bill.

You might apply for a payment extension if you need a one-off payment extension because your business bill is higher than you were expecting, or you’re facing a lot of different business expenses at once. It could also be helpful if you’re waiting to be paid by a client and just need a bit more time your current bill.

It’s easy to apply for a payment extension online – you’ll just need a copy of your business bill to get started.
We’ll let you know if your payment extension application is successful at the end of the process. 

If a payment extension is granted, you will not be charged a late payment fee if you pay your bill in full by the new due date. However, if you don't pay your bill in full by the new due date as advised by Synergy, a late payment fee may be payable (and added to your next bill).

Apply for a payment extension