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What is a payment arrangement?

If you’re experiencing payment difficulties and finding it hard to pay your Synergy business bill, we may be able to help you with an interest-free and fee-free instalment plan to help avoid disconnection. We will ensure any plan is fair and reasonable, by taking into account information about your capacity to pay and any debt owed to Synergy. This is known as a payment arrangement. 

With a payment arrangement in place, you could pay your Synergy business bill and outstanding amounts off in smaller amounts over time, rather than all at once. This could be helpful if your financial situation, business conditions or income has changed.

It’s easy to apply for a payment arrangement online – you’ll just need a copy of your business bill to get started. We’ll let you know if your payment arrangement application is successful at the end of the process and the details of the amounts and due dates for instalments.

Once your payment arrangement is granted, Synergy will not charge you a late payment fee if you pay each instalment by its due date. However, if you do not pay an instalment in full by its due date, a late payment fee may be charged (and added to your next business bill). If you are unable to pay an instalment in full by its due date, please contact us prior to the due date to discuss your options.  

Also, if you receive your next business bill while your payment arrangement is in place and you cannot pay the new charges in full by the due date for that business bill, you will need to contact us to discuss options.

Apply for a payment arrangement