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See & Save

We know it’s important to operate your business efficiently, and you may not always have time to find ways to reduce your electricity costs. And when you do, you don’t always know how to reduce them.

Save up to 10% or more off your electricity bills with real-time data

Without See & Save, you can't see which circuits or appliances are wasting energy and increasing the cost of your bill. With real-time monitoring devices you can:
  • Make sense of your energy use and eliminate energy losses
  • Get real-time and historic visibility of your electricity use through My Account with the ability to export data for your own reports
  • Receive alerts via SMS or email that let you know when you're more than normal/planned

Energy control in your hands

Install the device

We'll arrange for your See & Save device to be expertly installed by one of our energy partners.

See where your energy is going

Once installed, log in to My Account to find out which appliances are consuming the most energy.

Set energy saving goals

Once you know where your energy is being used you can put an action plan in place to reduce your usage.

Get alerts when usage changes

We can let you know whenever your usage goes above your goals or is higher than usual.

What's included

  • 2x real-time monitoring meters (installed on your switchboard)
  • 24/7 access to your data via My Account

Learn more about the package

Mazenod College builds awareness with staff and students while saving energy

"Before we got into See & Save our power use was not tangible and felt like ‘just a cost’. Now I’m more engaged in where our power is used, staff are made aware of ways to save energy and the science teachers get great data from our own school to use in the classroom. The next step for us is to give our students the opportunity to use their laptops to track and learn about energy use and clean energy solutions."

Eric Paini, Finance Director
Mazenod College

See & Save has made a huge difference for Pizza Hut Wanneroo

"Since signing up to the Synergy See & Save service and a two year Business Plan, I’ve been able to cut my electricity bills in half, from $2,320 to $990 per month... The big win is that my staff feel in control of our energy use. See & Save has shifted the dynamic from me worrying about costs to the whole team feeling proud about doing our bit for the environment."

Ash Parikh, Owner
Pizza Hut Wanneroo

Take the next step and learn more about how See & Save could work for your business.

Call us on 1800 730 265

One of our friendly, team members will be happy to help you:
  • 7am - 7pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
  • We may ask you a couple of questions about your business and energy usage - it helps to have a copy of your bill handy.
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