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Your organisation has the potential for a high SolarReturn! Why not take the next step and request a free, tailored SolarReturn assessment to help you maximise your solar investment.

There’s potential for a SolarReturn!

Your organisation has potential to make a SolarReturn! Why not take the next step and request a free, tailored SolarReturn assessment to help you maximise your solar investment.

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Your organisation may have less potential to make a SolarReturn, but we would encourage you to dig a bit deeper before giving up! Why not talk to us further to see if we could help you maximise your solar investment.

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Commercial solar installation

From school rooftops to factory buildings, commercial solar installations are becoming more common across Perth’s business landscape.

Once you have accepted your quote and we have approval from Western Power to connect your SolarReturn system to the grid, it’s time to pay a deposit and get ready for installation. 

Our solar energy experts will work with you to book in a date for your solar panels to be installed. We can also help you to plan for any impact on your business on installation day. 

Here’s a guide to what to expect on the day your SolarReturn commercial solar system is installed.


Use your usage history to help you figure out the ideal system size

Your minimum daily load (generally between 12pm and 1pm) averaged out over 7 days, is a useful way to help identify the optimal system size. Easily get access to this data via My Account.

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Step 1: Your commercial solar panel installation team sets up

Your solar panel installers will arrive at your business premises at the agreed time and set up a lay-down area for their equipment and tools. Typically, our installers work in teams of two or three, which allows them to split themselves across the roof and ground level.

We use only accredited installers to install our SolarReturn systems. This means they are fully trained and certified to make sure your SolarReturn system meets industry standards, including all relevant Australian Standards.

Safety is extremely important at every stage of solar panel installation – especially when working at heights. Your team will set up their ladder and the ‘roofers’ will harness themselves onto the roof of your business with anchor points, which would help to protect them if they happened to fall. 

Step 2: Your inverter will be mounted

The ground worker will mount your inverter at an agreed location. This location will be chosen based on a range of factors, including the amount of sunlight, water and dust in that area. This member of the team will also mount isolators (which are temporary switches) and connect cables to the switchboard of your business premises.

Step 3: Cables and solar panels are installed

The cables which will connect your panels to your inverter are typically run through your roof space. 

Your solar panel installation team will then work together to mount the panels. This is a process which is nicknamed ‘the plonk’, as they ‘plonk’ your panels in place.

Your cables are then connected on the roof, at the inverter and into the switchboard.

Step 4: Your business will have a power outage for 1 to 2 hours

You take safety seriously in your business – and you’ll be glad to hear that we do too. In fact, safety is the most important factor in all the solar panel installations we do for homes and businesses across Perth and WA.

On your solar panel installation day, your power will need to be isolated (completely switched off), usually for around one or two hours. In most cases, you might not find a short power disruption too much of an issue for your business. It’s important to plan ahead and our installers will work with you to find a time which will have the least impact to your business operations. You might also want to charge up your phone, laptop or other devices and make your coffee before the power goes off.

Step 5: Your solar system is commissioned

At this stage, your power is then turned back on for your business and your system is ‘commissioned’. Sound official? It is! Here’s what will happen:

  • Testing is carried out to make sure your system is installed correctly, without any defects and in working order. The results are noted and stored.
  • The serial numbers and images of the installation are then captured, as evidence required for claiming Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). 

A side-note about STCs: The government uses these certificates to encourage home and businesses to choose solar power. While there is some variability in the amount of STCs per system, typically the bigger your system, the more STCs it will be eligible for. If your system is eligible, they will be factored into the purchase price of your SolarReturn system.

Step 6: Install complete

Process complete! At this point, you’re ready to use your new commercial solar PV system.

Step 7: Post install visit

One of our solar energy experts will visit you post install and you’ll then receive your welcome pack which includes the manuals and warranty information for your commercial solar panels, inverter and battery if you have one. Your team will also give you an overview of how your system works and answer any questions you might have before they leave.

It’s time to get back to business and enjoy the benefits of your solar panels!

“We already had a really good relationship with Synergy and after they advised that two of our centres would be unsuitable, it just reconfirmed the relationship we have and that we’d made the right to decision to go with them.”
– Ben Robertson, State Swim Chief Operating Officer.

With ever increasing energy consumption across their six sites in Perth, WA, State Swim were determined to find a way to reduce their energy costs across their multiple commercial sites and investigate the savings that could be made for their business by installing solar. After receiving full transparency on the suitability of their centres by going solar - plus the long standing relationship that already existed, Synergy SolarReturn was chosen to deliver State Swim’s solar solution at four of their centres across Perth. 

What do you get with a commercial SolarReturn system?

Solar panels

We use a range of premium solar panels that are backed by impressive manufacturer warranties.*

* Refer to the manufacturer's website or product specification for information on product warranties offered by the manufacturer. Manufacturer warranties apply in addition to the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (if applicable).

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The Inverter

The inverter is at the heart of your SolarReturn system, converting energy from the panels into a useable energy for your business.

They’re also Wi-Fi enabled so you’ll get access to your SolarReturn system output from your phone or device through your manufacturer’s app.

Explore our range

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  • We may ask you a couple of questions about your business and energy usage - it helps to have a copy of your bill close by.