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Electric vehicles (EVs) are the way forward to help reduce emissions and pollution for Western Australians.

That’s why Synergy and Horizon Power are working with the State Government to create Australia’s longest EV charging network. The network is proposed to run from Kununurra (in the north) to Esperance (in the south) and Kalgoorlie (in the east) and include the installation of up to 98 EV charging stations across the State by early 2024. 

The initiative is part of the State Government's Electric Vehicle Action Plan and is key to boosting EV uptake in WA which helps continue the transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

WA’s energy future is for us all, which is why Synergy continues to explore energy technologies to help create a cleaner, more sustainable and more reliable energy future for our customers. 

Where will the EV charger stations be located? 

The network aims to deliver a convenient and seamless charging experience for all WA customers, which is why 49 locations have been chosen across the state. 

Map of Western Australia showing the electric vehicle charger map for the new EV Highway

The Electric Vehicle Action Plan

The State Government’s Electric Vehicle Action Plan is designed to prepare for a future where the electricity system can support the rapid uptake of EVs without compromising safety and reliability. An EV charged using the State' main electricity grid will generate 30% less greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional petrol vehicle.  

View the EV Action Plan 

EV charging network FAQs

How long will it take to charge my EV?
The network will be made up of rapid chargers which may be rated at different power levels. Charging times will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the charging station you use.
How much will it cost to charge my EV?
As we’re in the early phase of this project we’re still working through what these costs look like, however, you’ll be able to confirm the cost before you charge.
How were the charging station locations selected?
The EV charging station locations on the network were identified and selected by Synergy and Horizon Power in consultation with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. Consultation with local government in these areas may result in changes to the proposed charging station locations, including the eight additional charging stations to be installed at four locations between Norseman and Eucla that will complete the link to South Australia that were recently announced.
Is there a Synergy electricity plan for charging an EV at home?
Currently, Synergy only offers one retail tariff for EV customers in the SWIS, Synergy’s EV Home Plan. This plan is very similar to the standard Synergy Home Plan (A1) but offers a reduced rate for charging between 11pm and 4am each day.
What is happening with the tender?
Synergy and Horizon Power are currently reviewing the hardware tender submissions received and intend to announce the preferred supplier/s in the first half of 2022.
When are the charging stations being installed?
The installation of each charging station is dependent on a variety of factors and timeframes cannot be confirmed at this time. The EV network however is expected to be fully operational by January 2024.

Electric Vehicle Home Plan

Apply for the EV Home Plan and save money by charging your EV during the EV off peak time. 

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