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Trialling a great new range of energy products with our customers

We're really excited to be working on new, flexible energy products for our customers. 

Over the coming 12 months, we'll be partnering with eligible customers to help us shape these future energy solutions. The first 2 products to kick off the trial are the Synergy Lifestyle Plan and the Synergy Solar Plan for residential customers:

Participants for both trials have been chosen based on having a smart-capable meter. There is no cost to switch to the plan and they can switch back at any time. We'll just touch base from time to time to gather feedback from them and let them know how the trial is progressing.

The insights gathered from the trial will help create new, simpler energy solutions for our customers, tailored to the changing ways we consume energy around the home.

You can register your interest today if you'd like to be kept in the loop with the progress of the trial


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