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Supporting the environment

Synergy is committed to the principles and practices of good corporate citizenship and a sustainable approach to all its activities.

Wind Power - Supporting the environment

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and recognise the value of the environment to the community and future generations.

Renewable energy facilities such as the Albany Grasmere Wind Farm, a Bright Energy Investments joint venture, reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by displacing the use of fossil fuels from our electricity generation. Synergy’s environmental sustainability policy encourages us to strive for environmental excellence as the cornerstone of sustainability. Synergy is actively working towards a net zero carbon future by 2050.

Wind energy

Wind energy is the most widely used renewable energy source in WA.

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Solar energy

Our Greenough River Farm is one of Australia's largest solar farms.

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Join the Synergy team

You could make a difference to WA’s energy future

The future of energy in WA is exciting - and it’s already here. If you’d like to play a role in our intelligent energy future today and tomorrow, take a look at current opportunities to join our Synergy team.

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