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Synergy 2018 annual report

The wave of change impacting the energy industry globally is accelerating, leading to rapid and transformational change in how electricity is generated, bought, sold and distributed. While the energy sector at both levels of government needs a coordinated and collaborative direction, the discussion going forward must include some difficult decisions at a State level, if consumers are to benefit in the future.

Perth's big freeze drives heating power surge

Synergy customers are being asked to plan for an increase in their electricity bills as they use more due to the big freeze that has hit Perth over recent months. Synergy chief executive officer Jason Waters said there had been a significant spike in the amount of electricity being used across the south west of the state this winter as households increased the use of heating appliances to counter colder temperatures.

Synergy announces research partnership with sustainable living trial Living Labs

Synergy is excited to announce a partnership with Josh Byrne & Associates in a two year research project conducted by Curtin University and CRC for Low Carbon Living called “Living Labs.” The research project will focus on ten Perth suburban households who have been challenged to reduce their environmental footprint in some way, be it with solar panels on the roof, water tanks collecting rain or low energy lighting and appliances.

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