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Western Australia's energy transformation is underway. At Synergy, we are working closely with our people during this transition as part of our best-practice Workforce Transition Program.




Synergy is innovating and adapting its operations to deliver more sustainable energy solutions for a new energy future as Western Australians embrace renewable energy technology at record rates, reducing demand for traditional electricity generation sources. To address the challenges posed by this , the State Government has announced Synergy’s coal-fired Muja and Collie power stations will be retired by 2030.

Synergy is a people-focused organisation and we have taken a collaborative, people-first approach to industry transition since 2019, when the State Government announced Muja C would be retired by October 2024 in a staged approach to support reliable and affordable electricity supplies.

All Synergy employees affected by the known closure dates of Muja Power Station C Units have long-term transition plans in place to ensure nobody gets left behind as part of our Workforce Transition Program. We will collaborate with our workforce, unions and the wider Collie community to support them in the same way, as we prepare Muja and Collie power stations for retirement.

Workforce Transition Program

The purpose of the Workforce Transition Program is to ensure that no one is left behind through this transition and to empower our people to shape their future, guided by three foundational pillars:

Support for our people

Support for the Collie community

Creating new opportunities

Just Transition

Synergy’s focus is on a supportive and just transition for our people, their families and the communities in which they live as part of Collie’s broader transition from emissions-intensive industries. We strongly support the State Government’s broader Just Transition Plan for Collie and are a key member of the Just Transition Working Group, which explores initiatives to unlock economic opportunity and social benefits for Collie.