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Battery storage is fast becoming a critical part of WA’s energy landscape and Synergy’s Big Battery, once constructed, will be the biggest in the state. As a key element of the Western Australian Government’s Energy Transformation Strategy, it will help support the state’s electricity system and enable the uptake of more renewables in the community.

Planned to be the size of 14 tennis courts with the generating capacity of 100MW/200MWh, the Big Battery will be capable of powering 160,000 homes for two hours.

The Big Battery project was announced by WA Premier, The Hon Mark McGowan MLA, and Minister for Energy, The Hon Bill Johnston MLA, in October 2020. Currently under construction at Synergy’s Kwinana Power Station, it is set to be operational at the end of 2022.

Big Battery Project FAQs

How will the Big Battery help the electricity system?

The growing volume of energy produced by rooftop solar systems means there is increased electricity flowing into the network from residential homes. The extra energy is, in turn, reducing demand for electricity produced by power stations and is presenting challenges to system stability.

The Big Battery will improve system stability and help with the transition to increased renewables by charging and discharging rapidly, and smoothing the supply volatility caused by solar generation. It will also help by soaking up excess energy when demand is low during the day, storing it, and then discharging it into the system when demand picks up again in the afternoon and evening.

Who is building the Big Battery?

On 20 October 2021 the Minister for Energy, The Hon. Bill Johnston MLA, announced the construction tender for the Big Battery had been awarded to NHOA Australia.

NHOA is a leading global energy storage organisation and has awarded the subcontract to local Belmont business, GenusPlus Group.

The construction phase will create around 100 local jobs.

When will the Big Battery become operational?

The Big Battery is expected to commence operation in late 2022.

Synergy has confirmed network access arrangements with Western Power and grid connection is on schedule.

The engineering, procurement and construction process commenced in October 2021. Location design and major equipment manufacturing are currently underway and civil construction is progressing on site.