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Overview of our Innovate RAP

Our Innovate RAP was launched in October 2023, building on the momentum and delivery of our Reflect RAP. 

In this stage of our reconciliation journey, we have outlined 69 specific actions to help us create meaningful opportunities for Indigenous Australians and to promote positive relationships, respect and improved understandings.


About the artwork

The artwork featured on the cover of our Innovate RAP was created by artist Dana Garlett a proud Whadjuk, Nyikina, Minang, Ballardong woman of Western Australia and Buffie Punch, a Noongar Yorga (woman) who was born in Albany and has family connections from Gnowangerup. 

It captures a powerful flow of energy and celebrates the importance of renewable energy and its role in building a sustainable future. Intricate patterns of lines and curves represent interconnectedness and the crucial balance involved in preserving our natural resources. The colours symbolise the potential of renewable energy to power our communities and connect every household.




Read our Innovate RAP

Explore our current RAP and the formal commitments we have made towards reconciliation.

Innovate RAP

Our current Reconciliation Action Plan, Innovate, builds on the commitments and lessons from our Reflect RAP. Our areas of focus are cultural awareness, employment opportunities, and establishing meaningful and long-last relationships with communities throughout WA as part of our energy future, which includes projects such as wind farms and battery storage.

Download our Innovate RAP