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You don’t need to look far to see solar panels popping up all over the roofscapes of WA – but this is just the beginning of our energy future. If you like the idea of not only generating energy but storing it to use after the sun goes down, battery power might just be the next big thing for you.

That's why we''re leading a four-year project, trialling a new wave of energy innovation at Alkimos Beach.

“Has the trial shown any results so far?”

Yes! So far, as a community, Alkimos Beach Peak Demand Saver (PDS) customers have saved^ a total of $31,384 off their collective energy bills since the trial started in April 2016.

To break this down...

Explore the possibilities for WA’s energy future

Learn more about our trial at Alkimos Beach, including more details about the technology we’re using.

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Closeup of Synergy's Alkimos Beach community battery

Two-member homes have saved an average $29.30 a month.

On average, households of four have been saving $39.37 a month.


Energy tool

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Solar finance*

Learn how our contacts at Macquarie might be able to help make your solar power more affordable

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Renewable program

Find out how we’re investing in renewable energy for WA today and for generations to come.

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Solar community fund

Discover how solar power is making a big difference to some fantastic not-for-profit organisations across WA.

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^Savings represented are approximate and are calculated by applying the Peak Demand Saver Plan rates to average historic consumption, usage pattern and generation based on the available data for the previous 12 months up to 5 July 2018 and comparing this to the charges that would have been incurred at the standard A1 (Home plan) rates for the same period. All amounts set out in this letter are estimated savings and are provided for general information purposes only. While every care has been taken to make the information in the letter accurate, Synergy takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.