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Peak Demand Saver plan

Be part of something big and join the Energy Storage Trial at Alkimos Beach in collaboration with Lendlease and LandCorp just by switching to the Peak Demand Saver plan.  

Daily supply charges

Item Price (inc. of GST)
Peak daily (4pm - 8pm)
47.8500 cents per unit (kWh)
Off-peak day (midnight - 4pm)
25.0603 cents per unit (kWh)
Off-peak evening (8pm- midnight) 25.0603 cents per unit (kWh)
Virtual storage fee $11 a month
Supply charge
47.1834 cents per day
Solar Sell Back for excess solar credits
7.1350 cents per unit (kWh)

Need any help deciding if Peak Demand Saver plan is right for you?

If you'd like to talk to someone to find out more about the plan or to discuss how much you could save by switching, then we're here to help anytime Monday to Friday - 7am to 7pm (excluding public holidays).

Call 1800 772 778

Things you need to know

When switching to the Peak Demand Saver plan you’ll be asked to opt-in to a non-regulated tariff (we call this a non-standard contract). To help you make an informed decision based on your circumstances, we’ve outlined the difference between this and a regulated tariff (standard contract). You should make your own assessment of the terms and conditions.

See how a non-standard and standard contract compare (PDF 46 KB)

Read Peak Demand Saver plan Terms & conditions (PDF 276 KB)