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Summer is officially here and with plenty of warm days ahead - here are some tips to stay cool and see how you could save on your energy bill to ensure you aren't significantly increasing your energy consumption. 

  1. Keep the air-conditioned temp at 24 degrees. 24 might not sound that cool, but compared to the ambient air temperature outside which will surpass 40, 24 will be more than comfortable. For every degree under 24 degrees, you could be adding up to 10% to your energy costs!
  2. Use a timer for your cooling devices, and once the room is a suitable temperature, switch off.
  3. Similarly - often when we arrive home, we're tempted to turn the air-con on full. If you know what time you'll be home, and have a timer on your machine, set it for 24 degrees for 15 minutes before you arrive home so your home is suitably cool upon arrival.
  4. Switch your washing machine to cold wash in the summer
  5. Keep the blinds and windows closed during the day and open at night, to keep the sunlight from naturally heating the room.
  6. Use door snakes and blinds to trap in the cool air and keep out the heat.
  7. Switch out your bed-sheets to 100% cotton
  8. If you’re cooking, do so outside using the barbecue, or consider cold plates for dinner including seafood, salads and antipastos. This reduces heat from your indoor appliances.
  9. Try using a pedestal or ceiling fan instead of the reverse cycle air-con. Fans are a much more energy efficient way to cool you down.
  10. Get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine, and if it's too unpleasant to do so, catch a movie, head to the local shopping centre to grab the last of your Christmas gifts or even check out the local public library or community center.

Check out our Energy Tool for interactive calculators and tips to learn more about how you use energy at home. 

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