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If you’re an electric vehicle  - or EV - driver, or about to become one, you’ll be asked this question a lot...

“How far you can drive it?”

The distance an EV can drive before needing to be recharged is one of the biggest barriers to people considering the purchase of an EV. Here are some tips to help you extend the driving range of your EV.

Choose the right EV

The actual distance you can drive between charges will depend on a range of factors, starting with the make and model of your EV. If your daily drives are mostly over short distances and not too far from home, you might get all the range you need from one charge each day. If you need to drive a long distance each day, take a close look at the driving range of the EV options you like - you might be able to factor in some charging time as part of your routine if you are near EV charging stations.

Make your battery your bae

Look after your battery and it will look after your EV. Try to avoid these three no-nos: over-charging, over-discharging and over-heating. Also check your tyres, air filters and fluid levels regularly to make sure you’re making life easier on your EV battery. In the heat of summer here in WA, you’ll need an effective cooling system, not just for the inside of your car but for your battery system too.

Study your driving data

Nobody drives like you do. To make the most of your driving range, you need to take a close look at the way you drive and how and when you charge your battery. You can do this using your EV data. Examine how far you generally need to drive, which EV modes you’re using when and how you could change your driving or charging behaviour to get even further between charging.

Pick the right routes

The fastest route isn’t always the most efficient one, especially if your drive might involve a lot of stops and starts at traffic lights or travelling uphill for a long time. Many EVs are introducing navigation systems that recommend the most battery-efficient route rather than the most direct route. It might take slightly longer, but could help you drive even further.

Take your time

Tread lightly on your accelerator. Just like petrol-fuelled cars, your EV will be far more efficient if you accelerate slowly and build up your speed instead of trying to zoom off. 

EVs are getting more sophisticated, and more and more charging stations are appearing over WA and Australia. In fact, Queensland is set to get the world’s longest stretch of electric highway and here in WA we have the RAC’s DC Fast Charger electric highway in our south west.

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