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The electric car was once considered something from the distant future. Now, a new age of motoring has begun and WA drivers are choosing to embrace WA’s electric future by investing in electric vehicles (EVs) as their transport of choice in greater numbers than ever before.

The State Government's Electric Vehicle Action Plan is committed to boost EV uptake in WA to continue the transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. At the moment, state vehicle registration data indicates that 1.5% of WA drivers have invested in EVs so far – and that number is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years.

If you're looking to buy an electric vehicle as your next car, or you were one of the early adopters in WA and already own an EV, you probably know there’s a lot of information out there when it comes to EVs. We’ve collated some of the best sources of information to help support WA’s EV owners and aspiring EV owners as you embrace the future of transport.


EV advocacy groups

As the electric vehicle market grows across Australia, so does the need for information, policy and education related to EVs. Here are some of the main EV advocacy groups nationally that you might like to learn more about.

Electric Vehicle Council

The Electric Vehicle Council (or EVC) is an Australian organisation that represents the EV industry across the country. Their mission is to boost awareness and the number of drivers choosing EVs to help support the electrification of transport for a more sustainable and prosperous future in Australia.

The EVC represents the entire value chain across the electric car industry, advising government bodies and key decision makers on EVs. If you haven’t already read it, you might like to take a look at the EVC's State of Electric Vehicles 2022 report

Australian Electric Vehicle Association

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (or AEVA) is a not-for-profit organisation, run by volunteers who are dedicated to helping Australia transition to electric driving as quickly as possible. There’s a dedicated branch for EV drivers in WA which provides a range of information on EVs, along with local resources and events.


Designed as a central place to track EV data, carloop collates information with the intent to help EV drivers, policy makers and the EV industry, move forward with Australia’s EV transition. 

You can explore information and data on EV trends, including which brands, colours, models and batteries are most popular across Australia.


EV owners’ clubs

If you drive an EV or you’re considering one for your next car, learning about the experiences of other EV drivers and getting your questions answered could be really useful. Here are some EV owners’ clubs you might like to consider.

EV Meets

The EV Meets website and EV Meets Facebook page lets you connect with other electric vehicle enthusiasts. The EV Meets group describe themselves as an all-inclusive community group for lovers and owners of EVs. They host events and are happy to answer questions from anybody curious to learn more about electric vehicles.

Tesla Owners Club Western Australia

According to data from carloop WA’s Tesla uptake more than doubled over the first quarter of 2022, compared to the same period in 2021. 

If you’re a Tesla owner looking for Tesla charging points, tips and other information, the Tesla Owners Club Western Australia (TOCWA) could be the club for you. This is the official Tesla affiliated club in Western Australia.

You can explore the Tesla Owners Club Western Australia Facebook page for details of upcoming events and information about membership benefits.


Electric vehicle forums and news

The electric vehicle industry is always changing as new policies are developed and new EV models and charging options are released. Here are some sources of the latest EV information, news and community opinions.

The Driven

The Driven is known as one of Australia’s leading websites for EV news, analysis and information supporting a national transition to zero emissions transport. According to the site, more than 750,000 unique visitors visited the site for EV news and information in the 2021/22 financial year.

EV Central

EV Central is another source for news, reviews and opinions the fast-growing EV industry. You’ll find regular updates on the latest electric car models being released in Australia, pricing and charging information and more.

Australian EV subreddit

A growing number of EV enthusiasts are joining the Australian EV subreddit for news and discussions related to EVs.

Perth Tesla Facebook Group

This is a private Facebook group for people in Perth who own or are interested in owning a Tesla. As a member you can join Tesla discussions, share your experiences and get your questions answered by other members of the group.

Perth Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts Facebook Group

This is an open Facebook group for EV owners and enthusiasts who live in Perth or across WA.


Electric vehicle charging 

As an EV driver, your focus can switch from finding the cheapest petrol prices to exploring your local charging infrastructure and finding the EV charging stations you might need along your route. Here are some key resources:

WA EV Network

At Synergy, we’re working with Horizon Power as part of the WA Government's policy initiative to create Australia’s longest EV charging network, the WA EV Network.  When it’s complete, the WA EV Network will stretch from Kununurra in the north, to Esperance in the south and east to Eucla. This $20 million project will extend more than 6,600 kilometres and include 98 EV chargers across 49 locations.

JET Charge

JET Charge supplies and installs EV charging stations across Australia, providing key charging infrastructure to support Australia’s growing EV industry. Their website offers a range of tools, EV information and articles to help you learn more about EVs and how to make informed choices about EVs.


PlugShare is a community-based tool which allows you to find and share information about available EV charging locations near you. It’s a global community used by more than one million members across the world every month.


Best apps for EV owners

When you own an EV, your smartphone will be the key to making the most of your EV ownership and charging stations. Here are some apps you might like.


We’ve mentioned Plugshare as a great resource for charging – and it’s worth knowing they have an app too.
Their map can be used to find EV charging stations across your area or even across the world and filter by Quick charge, Tesla charging stations and others. You could use the app to plan trips, leave and read reviews, save your favourite EV charging stations and more. 

At compatible EV charging stations, you can pay for your charge directly through the Plugshare app. Another feature is the check-in tool that lets other users know you are charging or waiting to charge. 

The PlugShare app is free to use but features pop-up ads because of this. The app is available to download through the App Store or GooglePlay.


ChargeFox is an app that can help you find one of 1400 EV charging stations across Australia, including standard DC (22kW), fast (50kW) and ultra-rapid fast charging stations (350kW). 

You can use the app for real-time information about charger functionality, availability and pricing and you may also be able to take advantage of charging discounts negotiated with certain EV manufacturers including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Nissan if you have an eligible EV. 

The ChargeFox app is free and available to download through the App Store or GooglePlay.

A better route planner (ABRP)

If you’re keen to take your EV on a longer road trip, you could use the ABRP app to help plan your journey and charging stops. The ABRP app uses data about your EV’s make and model, along with your trip information to help you plan your battery charge.

The ABRP app is free for the basic version, however a premium version of the app is also available and is said to provide information on real-time charging availability, traffic and weather conditions which could impact your journey.

The app is available to download through the App Store or GooglePlay.

Google Maps

You might already use Google Maps for directions, finding brunch recommendations or checking opening hours, but it can also be useful for EV owners.

Type in ‘EV Charger’ to explore EV charging station locations. You can also include your vehicle make and model to filter EV charging station locations with plugs that work with your EV. 
While Google Maps is free to use, you generally can’t find the same kind of charging availability 
and real-time information about charging as you can in the dedicated EV apps.

Tesla app

If you own a Tesla, you probably already use the Tesla app to unlock and start your electric car. You could also use it to lock your boot or glove compartment, activate the sunroof remotely or use it to find Tesla Supercharger fast-charging stations, monitor your charging process and get notifications when your EV reaches full charge. 

The app is free and available to download through the App Store or GooglePlay.


The number of resources and communities for EV drivers in WA is expected to keep growing. It’s an exciting time to be an EV driver in WA, and with even more EVs expected on WA’s roads in the coming years, one of the ways we’re embracing the future of energy is with new electricity plans, such as Synergy EV Add On.* Synergy EV Add On is a time of use (TOU) plan designed with an EV user like you in mind. Discover the features of this TOU electricity plan and decide whether Synergy EV Add On is right for you.*


* Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply to the Synergy EV Add On plan. 

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