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Synergy is working with Western Power to deliver a new Energy Storage Trial called PowerBank across 12 metropolitan and regional locations. The Australian-first trial allows for the integration of a utility-scale battery into an already established major metropolitan network.

The PowerBank 3 pilot is the third phase of the trial, providing Synergy customers with the opportunity to trial battery storage technology virtually#. This pilot will allow participating customers to virtually# store excess electricity generated from their solar panels.* Each customer participating in the pilot will be able to virtually# store excess electricity generated between 7am and 3pm and use up to 6kWh or 8kWh daily (depending on the storage option selected) to offset their electricity consumption at other times and trial a 'time of use' pricing plan. It's a virtual# battery storage solution without the large upfront costs of a battery, only a small daily subscription fee.

Everything we learn from innovative projects like this helps us prepare for WA’s intelligent energy future. 

Hear from customers

Want to hear from customers who have participated in the first PowerBank pilot?
Customers in Meadow Springs have been trialing virtual# battery storage technology since 2018, and explain here how it’s impacted their bills and electricity usage patterns.

PowerBank Saver Plan FAQs

Want to learn more about PowerBank Saver Plan? Take a look at our helpful and comprehensive list of FAQs.

How can I optimise my savings?
With the A1 Home Plan that you’re currently on, you pay a flat rate of 29.3273 cents per unit (including GST). By moving to the PowerBank Saver Plan, you will pay different rates depending on the time of day you consume electricity. To optimise your potential to save by participating in the PowerBank 3 pilot, we recommend making some small changes to the way your household uses your energy. We’ll be helping you along the way with tips!
What’s the difference between the 6kWh or 8kWh storage offered to customers participating in the pilot?
It’s the average daily maximum quantity of any virtually* stored energy that can be used to offset your consumption. We’ve reviewed the size of your solar system, export and import information and, based on this information available selected the storage option most suited to your we consider is most suited to you.
What happens if I don’t use my full allocation of virtually# stored electricity?
If your household is not consuming all the virtually# stored electricity available daily, your household is unlikely to be maximising its potential savings. We've added a new Usage tab in My Account^ to help track and optimise your usage. My Account^ keeps all of your electricity data, billing and payment history together and it’s accessible 24 hours a day from your favourite device.
Am I still drawing power from my solar system during the day?
Yes, your household uses your solar energy throughout the day as your system generates energy, and any excess solar energy (up to 6kWh or 8kWh) is virtually# stored in the battery. Grid energy supplements your household energy if the solar energy generation is not sufficient during the day. The virtually# stored energy can be used between 3pm to 12pm and is used only after your solar panels stop generating enough energy for your household consumption.
What happens if I do not use all the electricity I virtually store in the battery during the day?
Any unused stored electricity can be used throughout your billing cycle. This way those sunny days can help to power you up for when the clouds are out. At the end of your billing cycle your account will credited for any additional electricity generated and exported between 7am and 3pm after your Maximum Offset Quantity has been reached, excess electricity generated between 3pm and 7am and for any unused stored electricity at the Solar Energy Buyback Rate which is the same rate you receive under the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) which will be shown as a credit on your Synergy bill.
What happens now and post-pilot?

The pilot is planned to conclude in September 2022. If your application to participate in the pilot is successful, Synergy will provide regular updates on how you are tracking over the pilot as well handy tips and information on how you can improve electricity use in your home. In addition, you will be able to access your consumption information in My Account^. Occasionally, you will also be invited to take part in surveys or receive other communications from Synergy while on the pilot.

After the pilot concludes in September 2022, you will be moved back to the A1 Home Plan in accordance with the PowerBank Saver Plan terms and conditions.

Note: There are limited places available for customers to participate in this pilot. Synergy intends to accept applications from eligible customers who apply online in response to an invitation. Synergy will accept online applications until the storage options selected meet the battery capacity for each pilot, as determined by Synergy in its sole discretion.

#By virtual, we mean there is no physical battery connected to the premises storing electricity generated. Individual customers are allocated virtual storage capacity in the battery based on the storage option selected and the PowerBank Saver Plan terms and conditions.

^Your daily interval consumption data in My Account may be up to 48 hours behind.

*Terms and conditions apply