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Learn about electric vehicles

Some people call them electric cars. At Synergy, we call them electric vehicles or EVs – and we’re here to help you make sense of BEVs, HEVs and PHEVs.

Whether you’re already driving an EV in Perth and want to learn more about other options or you’re just getting started, here’s our beginner’s guide to EVs.


How far can an EV drive?

According to the Electric Vehicle Council, the average distance an EV can drive on one charge (based on the models currently available in Australia) is more than five hours, non-stop. That’s more than most of us need to drive around in one day.

Every model has a different driving range, from around 130km for one charge to more than 600km in one charge for some of the luxury models. It’s getting even easier to charge your EV in Perth with more charging stations popping up around our metro and regional areas. It’s also good to remember that your car is probably parked for a lot more hours than it is actually driving, which gives you plenty of time to top up your EV’s battery charge.

How EVs help the environment 

EVs help to reduce greenhouse emissions, air pollution and traffic noise. While the fully-electric models don’t emit greenhouse gases, EVs aren’t completely emission-free, especially if you charge your EV using traditional sources of electricity. They are still a much cleaner form of transport than cars which run on petrol and diesel.