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Join the electric vehicle conversation

In a survey, around 30% of our Synergy customers told us that they're likely to buy an electric vehicle (EV) at some point in the future. That means there are already hundreds of thousands of people right here in WA who are curious about driving an EV.

If you’re one of them, you can join the EV conversation in WA now and learn even more. With new charging stations appearing and even more EV models becoming available, electric vehicles have an exciting future here in WA.

EV drivers in WA

Channel 7’s Today Tonight called them “the silent vehicles making a big noise.” Watch the video to see WA drivers talk about their EVs including how much they have saved.

Connect with the EV community

Join the conversation in WA. Learn more about driving and charging an EV around Perth, get your questions answered and more.

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association


The Australian Electric Vehicle Association Inc. (AEVA) is a volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the cause of switching Australia's transport networks to electric drive as quickly as possible.

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PlugShare is a free application for iOS, Android, and web that allows users to find and review charging stations, and to connect with other plug-in vehicle owners. ... 475,000 station reviews and 100,000 charging station photos.

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My Electric Car (MEC)


My Electric Car (MEC) was first set up in 2009 as an information site on electric vehicles. It highlights the various developments that are accelerating worldwide in the electric vehicle market.

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The REV Project


The UWA Renewable Energy Vehicle Project (REV) hopes to “revolutionise personal transport” by building zero emission vehicles, powered by electricity from renewable sources, charged from any plug point and viable to both the performance and commercial markets. REV is tackling the problems created by rising fuel prices and vehicle pollution head-on. The REV team is comprises Engineering staff and students from the University of Western Australia, fuelled by a passion for a sustainable future. REV provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and develop multi-disciplinary teamwork plus innovative, design, leadership, management, marketing, finance and practical skills. 

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FleetCarma is an award-winning Cleantech Information and Communications Technology company, with connected vehicle products and services that have been enabling the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles since 2007.

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JET Charge


JET Charge are an Australian provider of electric vehicle hardware and software solutions, as well as a full range of installation services.

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E-Station provides a complete EV charging solution which includes a full range of charging stations from Circontrol and driver management services.

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After delivering outstanding electrical, security, communications & audio visual projects in Western Australia for over 15 years, Gemtek Group and its staff and directors are continually striving to achieve higher standards of quality for our clients.

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