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If you’re like many people, having a baby means you’ll suddenly be spending more time than ever at home. This means you’re likely to be using much more energy than usual, so every bit of energy-saving can help when it comes to your electricity bill.

Here are three things you might want to think about before you bring your baby home.

1. Look at your lighting

If this is your first baby, you’ve probably noticed that parents love warning soon-to-be parents about the sleepless nights. During this phase, you’ll be using more electricity for your lighting than usual.

  • Use energy-efficient bulbs wherever you can and consider installing dimmer switches on the lights you’ll be using most often. This means you can keep the lighting at a level to suit you during the night, while your lights can use less electricity when they are switched to a dimmer setting.
  • If you love the idea of fairy lights in your nursery, check out the range of solar options available. With the charging panel positioned in a bright window, you may not need to use any electricity at all and most types can be switched off when you don’t need them.

Try our Energy Tool and discover how your major appliances impact your bill

You could save up to $15 every bill by swapping 10 halogen bulbs for 10 compact fluorescents or LEDs^.

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2. Consider solar power

If you’ve been thinking about solar panels, it might be worth having these installed before your baby arrives. The upfront cost is something you’ll need to consider – but so are the long-term savings you may make by using solar power.

Solar panels generate electricity when the sun is shining – so the electricity you need during the day for your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, baby monitor or other appliances could be drawn from your own solar supply during the day, rather than from the grid.

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3. Choose energy-efficient appliances

The cost of the pram, the cot, the car seat and all of the other equipment can really add up. You don’t need to buy new appliances for your baby’s arrival – but if it is time to replace or upgrade any of your appliances, look for the most energy efficient options.

Energy-efficient appliances might cost more upfront but you’ll be using less electricity each time you use them. This can make a difference to your billcompared to using less energy-efficient models, particularly for the regularly used items such as your air-conditioner, heater and washing machine.

For more ideas on how to save energy at home, try our Energy Tool or learn more about your solar power options.